Asheville Watershed Conservation Easement

Conservation Trust for North Carolina seeks to inspire and enable people to build resilient, just communities.

A resilient community is defined as one where people are meaningfully engaged and empowered, where leadership is responsive to community needs as defined by its residents, and where its people are able to respond to climate-related disasters by rebuilding or adapting in ways that make them stronger and more prepared for future challenges. 

We're shifting our focus toward a more holistic vision for conservation.

In 2019, CTNC's board and staff committed to a new mission focused on conserving land in ways that inspire and enable people to build resilient, just communities. Alongside community partners, we are committed to a process that increases funding for land and water conservation, factors the impacts of climate change into long-range plans, increasingly connects conservation to individual and community needs, and seeds equity and inclusion throughout the conservation sector.

We will advance big ideas to tackle our state's gravest conservation problems.

We will take bold steps to invest in the power of people in conservation.

We will work where land provides individual and community prosperity for all.

We will use our solid foundation to address challenges facing all NC communities.

Together, we can achieve greater resilience in the face of change.

We need your voice, your support, your partnership and your dollars to build resilient, just communities that will prosper as we face the challenges ahead. Will you join us?