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In the face of climate change, communities use conservation techniques to rebuild with resilience.

All throughout North Carolina, rural communities established along rivers, the coast and large bodies of freshwater are facing repeated flood events. With the increasing threat of climate change, more communities will experience these impacts.

In Princeville, N.C. the oldest town chartered by freed Blacks in America, Conservation Trust is partnering with local leaders, universities, businesses, and nonprofits to find innovative solutions that address issues related to flooding while modeling what it means to be resilient in the face of change.

The Collaborative follows a phased approach to achieving resilience.

Guided by the Princeville Floodprint, a plan developed by NC State Coastal Dynamics Design Lab in partnership with town leaders, CTNC and our partners are implementing conservation solutions through a multi-year, phased approach that is guided by data and oriented toward achieving the goals of Princeville’s people.

During Phase I, in partnership with the Town of Princeville and Princeville Elementary School, the collaborative constructed a section of the Heritage Walking Trail, installed rain gardens and other stormwater management features to address water runoff from the school building, built an outdoor classroom for teachers and students to incorporate conservation into their lesson plans, and placed a Resilience Corps NC environmental educator to provide additional capacity to the school staff. (2020-2021)

As we enter into Phase II, the project will expand beyond the school seeking to convert vacant land to productive community benefits. This includes restoring acres of wetland to better manage flood water and establishing a model community garden in partnership with the Town. We will also continue the partnership with Conservation Corps NC to hire youth to construct a walking trail at Heritage Park. (2022-2023)

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Path to Resilience

A map created to support Princeville's recovery after Hurricane Matthew flooded homes and buildings in the area in 2016.

With unique, conservation-based partnerships – every community in North Carolina should have the tools to rise above the impacts of climate change and make a resilient future possible.

This journey begins with you.

Learn more about our collaborative approach to conservation in Princeville, N.C.