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Fall 2019 Read the Fall 2019 issue of Conservation Voices to learn more about our new vision for conservation.

Saddle Mountain Acquisition Expands State Game Lands

CTNC Purchases 24 acres Adjoining Mitchell River Game Lands Conservation Trust for North Carolina recently purchased a 24-acre tract adjoining North Carolina’s Mitchell River Game Lands and the Blue Ridge Parkway near milepost 222. North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (WRC) will accept this property for incorporation into the Saddle Mountain area of Mitchell River Game…
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Building Community, One Board at a Time

Conservation Corps North Carolina serves the public through a trail restoration project with Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association Hammer? Check. Nails? Check. A hardworking crew? Conservation Corps has that, too.  This July, a team of six Conservation Corps crew members and two team leaders worked with the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) to complete a much-needed…
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Welcome, AmeriCorps Members! 🌎🌿💧

CTNC is thrilled to introduce the AmeriCorps intern cohort for 2019! From the mountains to the coast, these selfless young people are educating others and protecting the environment for generations to come. We’re wishing this cohort of environmental stewards a fantastic service term! Hannah Barg hails from the great lakes region of Illinois and got…
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Conserving Whole Communities

CTNC partners with local leaders and nonprofits to create positive change in Princeville  In 1885, a group of formerly enslaved African-Americans claimed a portion of land in Edgecombe County as their own. It was a somewhat swampy space next to the Tar River that had been largely ignored by their white neighbors. They were a…
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A New Vision for Conservation

Our land is facing new threats. It’s time to offer new solutions.  From the Blue Ridge Parkway to the eastern coast of our amazing state, the Conservation Trust is working alongside communities to conserve land in ways that build resilient, just communities throughout North Carolina.  We are committed to finding land-saving solutions that benefit all…
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An Equitable Vision for Conservation

CTNC strives to seed equity and inclusion throughout the conservation community  We’re born on the land. Eat food grown in it.  Drink water that flows over it. Build our communities within its hills, valleys, plains and rivers. There’s not a single aspect of our lives that’s not touched by land. While land connects us all, it has…
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Conservation Led by Climate Solutions

Average temperatures are rising. Extreme weather events have become the new normal. Our state has incurred billions of dollars in damages from natural disasters including hurricanes and mudslides. We’re calling for more rational and human approaches to rebuilding communities in a way that readies its people for future disasters. The land calls us to conserve…
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Save the Green In-Between

The parks, greenways, trails, and overlooks that you love in North Carolina are not there by accident. They are the result of careful, consistent and dedicated conservation efforts happening every day throughout North Carolina. These places are protected in large part because of partnerships between land trusts, government agencies, and lawmakers who appropriate money to…
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Discover Dog-Friendly Trails Near You

The polls are in! You told us you wanted to explore North Carolina’s outdoors alongside your furry friends, and we listened. CTNC worked with our land trust partners across North Carolina to create a map detailing all the greenways, trails, parks, and overlooks you should explore. Now that it’s spring, you won’t want to leave…
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