Empower people to build resilient, just communities

North Carolina is clearly impacted by climate change.

Our state has seen unmatched rainfall and endured rising temperatures. Increased flooding is impacting low-lying communities like Princeville and Lumberton. Severe droughts will increase the risk of wildfires in our mountains. 

The people and communities across the state have the power to confront the impact of climate change and find innovative solutions for their homes to thrive. 

Conservation Trust for North Carolina enables people to build resilient, just communities. These communities are defined by their ability to recover from a disaster while finding new sustainable solutions that address the needs of the whole community. These are communities where: 

Alongside community partners, we are committed to a process that uses land conservation principles and conservation activities to offer solutions to the impacts of climate change through long-range planning. Each project uses research that connects conservation to individual and community needs while seeding equity and inclusion. 

Learn about the innovative programs making a climate impact now: