CTNC aims to preserve the beautiful views, working farms, pristine streams, and native forests along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We’ve worked with your neighbors since 1996 and have protected over 35,000 acres along the Parkway. Our Land Protection Team of Rusty Painter, Land Protection Director and Aaron Flannery, Western Conservation Manager, works with landowners who want to keep their property as they like it.


CTNC researches and keeps a ledger of the properties that are crucial locations to help preserve more of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s spectacular views and surrounding wildlife habitat. These properties are perfect for conservation easements, transfers to public agencies including the national park system, or other voluntary land protection opportunities.

Land conservation options may financially benefit you while protecting the scenic landscape of our state. CTNC's Land Protection Team would welcome the opportunity to discuss options for conserving your property. There is no obligation, and there is no pressure; the process is purely voluntary.

Please get in touch with our Land Protection Team at info@ctnc.org.