Blue Ridge Parkway


Conservation Trust for North Carolina is forging a new path.

Our state, in each community, needs to be ready for the environmental challenges ahead. Our conservation model is grounded in the land yet powered by the people we serve alongside. We will measure our success by how we support our partners as much as what projects we accomplish. By leading with our values, CTNC can be flexible and nimble in our approaches to land conservation that supports community needs.

These are our core values:


The challenges we face are larger than any one of us. We are not the experts on everything, so we partner across sectors to both share and learn in ways that enhance all our strengths.


As people and as an organization we intend to face the challenges of making things better by first being better. We accept uncertainty and risk as the price of leading.


Nature is stronger through diversity, and so are we; we embrace differing views and experiences as contributing to the health of the whole.


People, their needs and well-being, are central to our work; we open our hearts to all peoples' unique perspectives and encourage them to do the same.


North Carolina’s state motto, esse quam videri, translates as “to be, rather than to seem." We strive to embody our core values, admit when we fall short and address our shortcomings with honesty and determination.


We seek to understand situations more fully; we share what information we have as a trusted partner within and outside our team so that all can contribute to solutions.


Learning is never done; we seek to continually improve our work and relationships by asking questions and listening deeply.

Get curious. Learn how we will build resilient, just communities through conservation priorities.