Public Land Expansion

As public lands become more frequented by visitors seeking to access trails, and experience nature, the need to create more protected natural spaces grows.

The best way to expand protected areas for public use is to work with private landowners who are willing to sell or donate their properties to a government agency or conservation organization in lieu of a developer.

When these conservation opportunities become available, land trusts serve a vital role. The most effective way to expand our public lands is to work with nearby landowners to acquire land for conservation and subsequent transfer to a government agency. Land trusts like CTNC are critical partners in this effort. Our business model allows us to act more quickly than public agencies, so we can acquire threatened land, and hold it until transfer to a federal or state agency can be completed. Often, natural, undisturbed properties can only be protected by rapid action that’s simply not feasible for our government partners.

CTNC has operated successful public-private partnerships with federal and state agencies including the National Park Service Blue Ridge Parkway unit, U.S. Forest Service, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, and the North Carolina State Parks. CTNC is often asked to hold parcels of private land in conservation protection, sometimes for years while Blue Ridge Parkway staff work through the proper channels to accept the land into the federal system for permanent conservation. Without a land trust partner, these transactions wouldn't be possible, and without your support, we couldn’t continue this important work.

Thank you so much for being so supportive as we do what is necessary to protect North Carolina communities. Our successes are not always instantaneous, and it's through your unwavering support that we're able to preserve and protect the best parts of our state.

Read more about some of the 49 properties CTNC has transferred to public agencies along the Parkway.