Workplace Giving

We need your voice, your support, your collaboration, and your dollars to build a more resilient North Carolina that will prosper as we face the challenges ahead.

Participating in workplace or matching gift programs is an easy way to support Conservation Trust for North Carolina as we seek to build resilient, just communities for all people of North Carolina.

EarthShare Employee Giving:

Conservation Trust for North Carolina is a member of EarthShare’s employee giving program. Click here to learn more or direct your gift to support our work.

Workplace Giving:

If your workplace has an annual United Way Campaign or other employee giving program you can specify that your gift comes to the Conservation Trust for North Carolina.

Matching Gifts:

Double, or even triple, your gift to CTNC by having your employer match your donation. Thousands of companies offer to match their employee’s charitable contributions. Your company’s Personnel Department can give you more information about their program and should also have the proper forms to complete.

If you have questions about enrollment in a workplace giving program, contact CTNC’s Director of Philanthropy by calling (919) 828-4199.