AmeriCorps and national service programs unite people of all backgrounds, offering a transformative opportunity, and bringing unprecedented skills and willpower to solve local problems. AmeriCorps is essential to North Carolina’s positive quality of life.

CTNC AmeriCorps recently completed year 2 (2015-2016) of our AmeriCorps program, which seeks to reconnect people with the outdoors and to develop future leaders in conservation.

See what our 21 members achieved in the past 10 months!

  • Served 30,898 children and adults in environmental education
  • Recruited and managed 3,472 volunteers totaling 8,167 volunteer hours
  • Volunteer hours equated to a $192,408 donation of services to North Carolina communities

These members exceeded expectation – greatly expanding the number of individuals who showed an increase in knowledge of environmental issues. And AmeriCorps host sites achieved greater organizational capacity on volunteer management best practices because AmeriCorps members utilized volunteers in their programs.

Our members’ work spanned rural and urban communities reaching residents in 38 counties from Sylva to Durham to Manteo. Focused on environmental education and outreach, our AmeriCorps members develop service projects that help remove barriers to environmental education throughout North Carolina, as well as help expand the diversity of backgrounds among conservation leaders in the state.

AmeriCorps works!

In 2017, CTNC launched year 3 of the AmeriCorps service program. Meet our 2017 AmeriCorps members!