The North Carolina state income tax credit for landowners who donate their land or easements for conservation purposes expired on December 31, 2013.  In response, CTNC  distributed more than $1,000,0000 in grants to local land trusts so that they could protect as many properties as possible before the deadline.

Often the biggest hurdle to completing land or easement donations is the absence of funding from the landowner or land trust to cover necessary transaction costs such as appraisals, surveys, legal work, and long-term stewardship. Our grants to land trusts, capped at $25,000 per property, cover transaction costs and help protect dozens of tracts with high priority conservation values that otherwise would not be conserved.

As of January 3rd, CTNC has approved 63 projects and awarded $1,070,285 in grants to 16 land trusts. These 63 projects protect 7,697 acres and leverage $26,354,371 in donated land values.