New York Times bestselling author and Salisbury, NC native John Hart spoke of his love for the outdoors at our Meadow Society Reception on May 14th. John captivated the audience by sharing his childhood story of the loss of his family’s farm and how it shaped his love of land and passion for conservation.  He had spent countless hours as a boy roaming the 472-acre farm in Rowan County.  His message underscored the importance of conserving land before it is developed, because “once natural lands are gone, they’re not coming back.”

Good friends of CTNC, Josephine and Stuart Dorsett, hosted the event in their Raleigh home and gardens. Each year CTNC’s steadfast and generous donors gather for fellowship and to hear about CTNC’s latest work to advance conservation throughout NC.

This event also marked the beginning of our 25th-anniversary celebration, with a focus on what conservation can achieve in the next 25 years.

“We see a North Carolina 25 years from now where conserved lands provide every person with safe drinking water, clean air, healthy local foods, and a favorite outdoor place to recreate and restore,” said executive director Reid Wilson in his remarks. “To achieve this vision, we’re setting clear goals for the next 25 years.  We plan to ramp up over the next three years so that we double our impact throughout North Carolina.”

Many thanks to Mel Lewis of Audio Advice, FoodFWD, OrganicAMI, and Plates Neighborhood Kitchen for their partnership. This event was waste-free and plastic-free, and we collected food residuals for re-use.