Waterrock Knob Conservation Area

Did You Know? Protecting land along the Parkway is more than counting acres and preserving views. It serves a deeper conservation purpose.

CTNC’s land protection team continues building trusting relationships with partners and landowners up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Near the southern terminus of the Parkway, we are strengthening the resilience of the landscape and its benefits to surrounding communities through collaborative efforts to conserve land surrounding Waterrock Knob.

Milepost: 444-456

Protected: CTNC has donated 11 properties totaling 412 acres to the National Park Service in this area.

Prioritization Features: Climate resilience, wildlife migration corridor, high elevation native species protected in the face of climate change, spectacular views from the highest peaks along the Parkway

Our public agencies, land trust partners, tribal members, and surrounding area residents envision a model for economic growth, environmental protection, cultural vitality and community-driven decisions on land use and planning. Together, land trusts are working to expand protected land around Waterrock Knob at Milepost 451 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Local communities including the tribal councils, local governments, business owners, and families are committed to conserving the exemplary ecosystems and biologically diverse communities that are still intact in this area of the Southern Appalachians. 

As we advance our conservation goals, partners recognize the need to develop a holistic vision for sustainable recreation and tourism, regional trail connections, and opportunities for immersion into the rich Cherokee and Appalachian cultural heritage of the region. 

Preserving land along the Parkway does not exclusively benefit those residing in Western NC, but throughout the entire state. The access to recreational areas, providing clean drinking water, furthering climate resilience, and ensuring that the natural beauty of our state is preserved for future generations are just a few of the reasons why land conservation along the Blue Ridge Parkway is so critical.  

We’re grateful for the collaborative partnerships with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, The Conservation Fund, Main Spring Conservation Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, Southwestern Resource Conservation and Developmental Council, Haywood Waterways Association, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, government agency partners, tribal partners, and universities that have made the conservation success at Waterrock Knob possible.

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