Since the early 2000s, CTNC has been committed to adopting diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into our programs. In 2019, we deepened this path by adopting a values-driven approach to our work. One of those values is authenticity.

Recently, we were given credit for developing a training tool that seeks to educate land trusts on the racialized history of land ownership and land loss as a path to adopting race equity principles within an organization. Although we have found value using this training tool to educate our own staff, board, and partners on the intersection between conservation and race equity, we did not develop the original materials. We should have acknowledged those who did. For that omission, we are sorry.

We’re humbly grateful to the originators of the Land Loss Timeline – dRworks staff, including Vivette Jeffries-Logan and Cristina Rivera-Chapman — and those who have expanded its uses for CTNC — Melanie Allen, Justin Robinson, and Victoria Chetty. Their collective work has been influential in helping CTNC lift up the importance of race equity in conservation.

We honor BIPOC conservationists who tirelessly help build a better conservation sector for all people. We remain committed to examining how white and BIPOC allies, together, can advance conservation in ways that build resilient, just communities for the benefit of all people; seed race equity in conservation; and understand how we as an organization can be authentic and supportive partners to the communities we serve alongside now and in the future.

Signed by Jamilla Hawkins and the CTNC Board of Directors